In ever growing world and busy life, we don't remember what we are leaving for our next generation. We are running towards the betterment of our present, leaving our future in a danger of fewer natural resources and more of WASTE, that is inevitable and if we don't act today it is surely be fewer resources or no resources for our grand children.

But when a problem arises, solution has to rise to conquer the problem. For finding the solution we have to look back in our past where everything was in sync as they had found the solution that was nothing but "RECYCLE", It follows the basic concept of life in maintaining the equilibrium.

Here we are going to talk about one of the best creation from the re-cycled fabrics is "Patchwork Quilts". We must have seen in our homes when our grand mother used stitch our old clothes, to give them a new life as lovely Quilts.

I am sure every body knows what exactly we are talking about but to avoid any confusion, Patchworks quilts are nothing but Multiple patches(pieces) of old/new fabrics arranged in a pattern and stitched together to make a large piece of fabric, that in turn goes on to make a beautiful Quilt.

Let's check out the simplest way of making Patchwork Quilt.

What we need:
1. Fabric Patches of any sizes(We can always cut them as per our need and pattern's requirement)
2. Threads - Would advice colourful threads as our patches will mostly be of different colours, that makes quilt more colourful.
3. Few large piece of fabric or join small pieces (preferable soft cotton) to be used as batting in our quilt to have little cushion and thickness that will bring the warmness in quilt)
4. Large plain cotton cloth - To be used as backing.
5. Machine or Needle (Prefer Needles for complete handmade touch)

Step 1. Cut equal size of patches if making square(chess) pattern or different sizes but requires more calculations for dimensions.

Step 2. Join all the patches with machine( do it in steps, as join 2/2 each in first step and then keep going gradually, making the size bigger). The front of quilt shall be ready in this step.

Step 3. Spread the backing fabric on plain surface, put batting(soft cotton preferably) and lie down the front of the quilt on the top, making it a 3 layer sandwich.

Step 4. Now here we have multiple choices of stitching them together, we are going to tell you simple and famous Kantha style stitching (Running Stitch), that is nothing but simple running stitch from one end to other end. Try to keep stitches as close as possible to give strength. Try different colours thread or single colour as per your choice.

Step 5. For edges, fold the edges in each other (few cm towards inside edge), join the edges and give a cross stitch or running stitch. or to keep it simple and easy just give a running stitch with machine.

That's it :) your quilt is ready.

Please do leave your comments/criticism. Enjoy Crafting.

For a ready look below are the few pictures of quilts. You can check more lovely quilts at  Our Store